Convert Tealight Tart Burner to Flameless

I love tart burners that melt wax, but I’ve been wanting flameless ones that use either a light bulb or a warming element.

I have a gazillion of the tealight kind and they make great decorations. So I was trying to find a way to convert my tealight tart burners into flameless. I searched all over the internet for some kind of small heating element and couldn’t find anything.

I decided to dig around the hardware store and found a candelabra clip socket in the lighting area at Lowe’s. Since it has a 1″ diameter, I got a 1″ washer to fit into it to make a stand.
Here’s the clip with the washer over it.
Here is the assembled stand with a light bulb inserted.
Here it is in the tart burner cavity. The socket is rated up to 75 watt bulb. I needed a 60 watt bulb to melt my Yankee Candle tarts easily. A 40 watt bulb would work, but it took a long time and didn’t have great scent throw.

I haven’t tried soy tarts yet with this converted tart burner, so I will report back on that after I try them.

I’m not affiliated with Lowe’s in any way

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