Coffee Substitutes

I’m on the hunt for a great-tasting, satisfying coffee substitute. One of my first symptoms with celiac disease is that I’m having bad reflux with is aggravated by coffee..

I’d been drinking decaf coffee with Acid Check acid neutralizer for years, and then suddenly, it started causing me stomach and esophageal problems.

I really enjoy the taste of a roasted beverage.  Tea is OK, but it seems too thin for me.  So here’s what I’m trying (or have already tried):

– decaf green tea:  It’s OK.

– decaf green tea with carob:  Much better. The carob gives it a little body and flavor.

– decaf chai tea (black tea):  It’s better than plain tea and I really like the spices.

– genmai cha (green tea with roasted rice):  Did not like it at all

Teeccino dandelion tea:  It’s OK but the chicory leaves an aftertaste. It’s an acquired taste.

Ersatz coffee:  Have not ordered any samples yet.

– Roastaroma by Celestial Seasonings:  Really liked it, but it has barley so I’m not going to finish the package I bought.

– Other chai-type teas by Celestial Seasonings: I like them although they’re a little strong on cinnamon-flavor. I’ve helped this by diluting it with another green tea bag.

– roasted chicory:  As I said above, it’s an acquired taste.

– carob: Haven’t tried it alone yet.

roasted chestnuts:  Have not ordered any samples yet.

roasted soybeans:  Have not ordered any samples yet.

I’ll continue experimenting and I’ll post any updates as I try new coffee substitutes.

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