Gluten Free Cereals

It’s been about 5 months since my official celiac disease diagnosis, and at first one of my biggest hurdles was finding a cold cereal. I used to eat Honey Nut Cheerios almost every morning for breakfast.  So I started sampling the gluten free cereals to see which I liked the best.

It wasn’t always easy because many of the gluten free cereals have no fiber, so they didn’t keep me full through the morning.  But I found several that I like and here are my favorites:

Honey Nut Chex has a great corn crunch and a wonderfully sweet flavor. It’s also available in grocery stores and is very reasonably priced. Plus General Mills usually has coupons in the Sunday paper.

Van’s Cereals are sweet and crunchy and very filling.  I’d eat them even if I didn’t have celiac disease. I was so happy to find them at WalMart, so they’re also reasonably priced.

Glutino Honey Nut O’s are also very good, but their texture is a little lighter than I prefer.  I also have to order these through Amazon or Vitacost since they’re not stocked at my local stores, so they end up being  more expensive.

Barbara’s Honey Nut Puffins are a fun cereal to eat. They’re slightly sweet and have a great crunch. Again, they’re higher in fiber than other gluten free cereals so they keep me full.  I have to order these through Amazon or Vitacost since they’re not available to me locally, either.

So now that I have a selection of 4, I don’t feel deprived!!

If you click on the cereal boxes, they’ll redirect you to Amazon. These are affiliate links so I’d earn a small commission if you bought cereals from Amazon.

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