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I stumbled across HabitRPG a few weeks ago, and I’m having a blast playing this “game”.  Let me start by saying that I’m a list-maker. I make lists for almost everything that I want to remember to do. I get a big sense of accomplishment by crossing items off my lists once I’ve done them.

So HabitRPG is all about lists and finishing what’s on your list. But it’s a role playing game, so you earn levels and rewards for completing tasks. It’s also free, which I thought was great!!

There are 3 major categories of tasks: Habits which are activities that you want to reinforce, Dailies which are actions that you do often, and To-Do’s which are one-and-done’s.

The fun part is Quests.  You can join a party of other players (or a party of 1) and buy Quest scrolls. If you complete the quest, you can earn rare rewards.  That’s how we got the Polar Bears that we’re riding in the picture above.

There is an extensive tutorial about how to use the site, and other players in the Tavern are extremely helpful at answering questions from new players.

(I’m not in any way affiliated with HabitRPG – just a player having alot of fun with the game)

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