HCD Surveys

I got this letter from HCD Surveys about seeking new panel members. I’m posting it here for those who like to join survey companies. I’m still new with them, so I can’t comment on my payment experiences with them yet, but I’ve heard from others that they’re reputable. Here’s the letter:

The HCD MediaCurves™ Panel is looking to expand our panel and we need your help. So we decided to offer a little Facebook-launching present for helping our panel grow. Here is the special promotion running this week: If you get your friends to join our panel and complete their profile, they will get 100 points ($1) and you will get 75 points.

Forward this message to your friends on Facebook (or any other friends!) and just have them go to the following link to register and learn more about the panel.
Here is your personal referral link.

Remember to tell them how important our surveys are. Some are for clients such as Pfizer and GE – and a lot of them are fun studies about entertainment, politics, sports, and national events. They are reported on www.mediacurves.com but also get reported in the Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, Fox News, etc. It is fun participating, and you earn cash for each survey too!

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