HTML Rotate

The free banner rotator service that I use for my websites  has stopped displaying ads and has notified me that they will probably discontinue the service. Bummer.

So I was on a scramble to find new software that would provide the same kind of functionality at a reasonable price (or free, preferably).

I found the free HTML Rotate script offered by, and decided to try it.  It’s exceptionally easy to install and use.  It gives me all the flexibility I need for my banners by allowing me to create groups and any size that I want.

My web host is Linux, so I have SSI, but you could also use the HTML Rotate script in place of SSI (if your web host doesn’t have it).

The Pro version (paid) will allow you to track stats for your banners (ads), but for now, the free version meets my needs.

(I’m not an affiliate for FocalMedia although they do offer an affiliate program that I may join in the future.)

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