Karl Alexander

I love books about time travel so I wanted to read these two by Karl Alexander about H G Wells, his time machine, and Jack the Ripper.

I much preferred the sequel to the original.  I think Alexander’s story telling has improved in the 30 years since the original was written.  Either that, or the sequel is much better edited.

I really enjoyed the story line of “Time After Time” and I especially liked the experiences of Wells in 1979 and what he observed about the technological changes.  Then in 2010 in “Jaclyn the Ripper” he gets to compare another 30 years of changes, i.e. computers and cell phones.

The area that Alexander improved in the sequel was expressing the thoughts and feelings of his female characters, especially Jaclyn, as “he” finds himself in a female body.

In the original, when Alexander tried to explain what Amy (Well’s companion from 1979) is feeling, it’s very flat.

I’d like to see the movie that was made from “Time After Time”. I’m
curious to see how it was adapted and what parts of the story line and
dialogue were kept for the movie.

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