Migraine Headaches

First, let me say that I know nothing about migraine headaches since I’ve never had one. But this weekend during lunch, my son tells me that he’s losing part of his vision in one eye (like he’d glanced at a bright light and now has a blind spot). So we quickly decide to go the quick care facility. During this time, he’s developing a throbbing headache, but his vision is returning to normal.

The doctor says it’s probably a migraine but schedules an emergency brain CT to rule out any other factors. The scan is normal, kinda as expected.

Our primary care doctor today says it may be a basilar migraine which may not allow for typical treatment options. So we’re seeing a neurologist as well.

This is maybe the second one he’s had where he’s gotten this “sick”, so I’m reading as much as I can find about migraines. If you know of any good website or book references, please leave me a comment.

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