SparkPeople Get a Free Online Diet

When I wake up every morning and turn on my computer, the first page to load is SparkPeople. I’ve been concerned with weight loss my whole life since I was pudgy as a child (I love to eat and I’m an emotional eater, too) but the biggest help for me has been SparkPeople which is a free, online, diet and fitness plan, community, and so much more.

It’s completely free to join. SparkPeople is supported financially by showing ads and by Google AdSense. I haven’t found the ads to be intrusive and I would rather have them in order to keep the site free.

I joined SparkPeople back when they were launching in 2003-4 and the site has grown tremendously since then. So many new features have been added. Some of the main features that I use daily are

1) the food tracker – I’ve been tracking my foods every day for almost 5 years now

2) SparkPoints – you earn points for being active on the site. To date, the points are used only as a measure of your involvement, but I keep hoping that sponsors might donate prizes so we can actually use the points.

I’m not in any way affiliated with SparkPeople, just a happy member of the site

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