Wire Crochet Wrap Bracelet (Part 2)

I finally finished my wire crochet wrap bracelet so that it looks OK. There are still some things I’d correct if I re-crocheted it, but overall, I’m pleased with what I learned.

It does wrap around my wrist 5 times, so it’s the right length. I used a bead as a fastener and I wound my end wire through the bead twice on each side to secure it and to make it look symmetrical.

I’m also learning how to photograph jewelry, so the pictures are still shadowy. But the clarity is good enough to show the crochet stitches.

Next, I want to try a 4 or 5 strand crochet bracelet without a fastener. That will be more challenging and will probably take me several tries before it looks acceptable to me.  I’ll post my attempts as I start it.

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