Burn CD

Today was a momentous day for me – I bought my first download from itunes. My kids all have ipods (I have a 1st generation ipod shuffle that I inherited, I think) and they’ve been purchasing and downloading for quite awhile.

Anyway, there were some songs that I wanted so I could make a CD to play in the car. I know it’s still very low tech, but I’m a very tactile person (yes, I still like to read real paper books, too). Anyway, I just finished making the CD and now I’ll go try it out. Wish me luck !!

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  1. Unknown says:

    Im glad you had a pleasant experience with Apple and Itunes. I’ve had nothing but grief since the sorry day I bought the cursed Ipod. My Ipod works when it wants to, Itunes is riddled with bugs each time I download a new version of it and I cant burn cd’s anymore and of course, Apple are absolutely no help what so ever. Lols