Dora Links Dolls

My nieces are getting Dora Links Dolls from my sister for Christmas, and I had no idea what these are. But I wanted to get them accessories to go with them.

I found them at Toys R Us and then looked up the website to learn more. I would’ve absolutely loved this when I was a preteen.

My favorite doll then was a Chrissy that had adjustable-length hair. When I was older, my grandmother dressed it for me and I still have it (somewhat) carefully preserved. Maybe I’ll post a picture (I know, I know, I’ll add this to my list of pictures to shoot and post.)

I’m in no way affiliated with Toys R Us, Mattel, or Dora the Explorer

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  1. Unknown says:

    I remember all the uproar that was made when this new sassier slightly older Dora Doll came out. Why she's positively sweet and proper compared to other fashion dolls out there. They are going to love it and you are going to be one popular Auntie!