EntreCard Top Blogger Day 1/31

EntreCardYou’ve probably seen all these little yellow E’s on people’s blogs with “Drop” under them. These are for EntreCard which is a fast-growing blogging network where bloggers visit and “drop” their virtual business card (EntreCard) as a way to say “Hey, I was here”.

This is from the EntreCard blog:
“Now, on the last day of this month, we are going to make a HUGE push to get as many Entrecarders as possible to give their top droppers some link love. This will include writing a special “thank you” post on your blog and linking to your top droppers. We’re also going to think of one compliment to give each blog. We all work so hard on our blogs, blogging, promoting, dropping, that this will be a nice way to recognize each other’s efforts.”

This is my only blog that’s formatted where I can meet the requirements, so I’m in for Top Dropper Day !!

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No Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I drop.
    Thanks !

  2. Sandy says:

    I’m still trying to understand what I’m doing. I’ve been dropping, and can see on my dashboard my droppers; but no one has left a comment. Soooooooo, I would say the above will be a hard to real goal.

    I love your beach picture on your dropper card, I’m seeing snow outside my window now; so the beach picture is nice.