Harker Moore

I found this 2-book series by Harker Moore while browsing my local library shelves. I can only find 2 books written by this author, and I wish he/she had written more.

The main character is a Japanese-born detective so he brings a different perspective to the typical detective scenario. His wife was born blind and she intuitively sees.

I kept waiting for the author to bring more of the Japanese childhood views into the novel. When he did, I liked it, but I felt he/she could have done more with that.

Also, with his wife being an intuitive. I really, really wanted the author to develop her character and have her give valuable input into the cases based on her visions and feelings.

I refer to the author as he/she since I couldn’t find any information on him/her. I got the feeling that this is a pseudonym for an author wanting to explore a new character and not wanting to write under their “known” name.

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