Customer Service – AA Aquarium

I had a fantastic customer service experience with AA Aquarium this week. I had bought a Green Killing Machine UV sterilizer for our fish tank since we had algae bloom that we couldn’t fix.

The UV sterilizer worked amazingly well and cleared the tank within 5 days. The UV lamps are supposed to last 3 – 6 months, but we decided to run ours continuously. So the light indicator went out, meaning that you’re supposed to change the UV lamp.

We did, but the light indicator still did not come on. So I contacted the AA Aquarium folks and they promptly sent me a new control box for the unit. I installed it yesterday, put in the “old” UV lamp, and it’s now working great.

I always appreciate a great customer service experience, and I’m a huger fan of AA Aquarium now.

I’m in no way affiliated with AA Aquarium. Just a very, very happy customer of theirs.

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