Hummingbird Garden

We had a lonely bird feeder in the backyard, and I tried a hummingbird feeder there also but attracted very few hummingbirds. I know they like bushes and shrubs to land on, so my dear husband (who’s the gardener in the family) took me to Lowe’s so we could buy plants for a hummingbird garden.

This past weekend, we dug out an oval, broke up the hard, clay-like dirt, planted the flowers/shrubs, and spread mulch. We planted clematis, hydrangea, balloon flower, sweetspire, and coneflower.

I’m so excited to watch it grow. I’ll post a picture here this week (of all the plants while they’re still small-ish.

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  1. maxivelasco says:

    that's cute to know. will surely look forward to another photo from your hummingbird garden.

    great blog you've got here. will follow your blog!

    hope we can also exchange links.