Our Williamsburg Ghost

I was inspired by plowandpony.blogspot.com so I’ll share our ghost story from Williamsburg, VA. My family took a vacation there several years ago and wanted to take the Haunted Williamsburg ghost tour. Since it started so late, we decided to get the ghost story books and make our own tour.

We’d stop at the houses and read the ghost stories related to that house. It was really fun until we got to the Peyton-Randolph house. It was dusk, we were sitting on the porch of the house reading the ghost stories, then the door handle behind us rattled.

We all heard it very loudly and thought that a caretaker was coming out to tell us to get off the porch. With our hearts in our mouths, we ran out to the sidewalk to get away from the house. My parents took pictures with their digital camera, and you can see circular orbs (click the house picture to blow it up to full size).

We took the tour of the house the next morning, and the area containing the door is roped off and not accessible. Hmmm,I guess we’ll never know.

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