I’ve always had to watch my weight (since I was a pudgy child) so about 8 years ago I started wearing a pedometer to help motivate me to get more activity.

My current pedometer is an Omron (the one shown). I stick it in my hip pocket and wear it everywhere. I don’t always get 10000 steps per day but I do try. And it’s especially fun to measure steps on days we play tennis.

Until we were in Cincinnati last weekend and the battery died, so I wasn’t able to record steps. And I thought maybe I’d just quit wearing it for awhile.

That lasted MAYBE 2 days !! It’s such a habit after so many years that I felt absolutely compelled to keep wearing it. So I guess that’s a GOOD thing. I just wish there were more sites that would award you prizes for logging your steps – that’s what motivates me most.

I’m not affiliated with Omron in any way

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  1. Leilanie says:

    thank you for posting this! you really inspire me to walk more often. i think i need to get one of thoses pedometers too.