Rag Rug (In Progress)

I’m getting all my crochet projects ready for the start of the NCAA tournament. Tonight Louisville plays Morehead St, so I’ll try to finish the plarn grocery tote (I’ll post a picture when it’s finished).

Then I’m going to keep working on the rag rug I started earlier. I cut up bunches of fabric strips yesterday. Next I’ll have to decide how I’d like to interlay the colors, then I’ll glue the ends together to make 1 huge long fabric ball. I prefer gluing the ends instead of tying or sewing. (I’ll post a picture of the rag rug so far – it’s not too big yet !!)

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  1. CraftyDragon says:

    Crocheting with rags … oh no … more ideas!! I don’t need more ideas I need more time! lol

    Seriously, very cool – kudos!

  2. I’m also making plarn grocery totes! Aren’t they so much fun to make? I have friends saving me their bags plus I picked up 2 trashbags full from a gal on freecycle so I’m set for months of crocheting with plarn now.