Stephen Booth

I just finished “Scared to Live” by Stephen Booth which is the 7th in the series featuring Ben Cooper and Diane Fry.

I’ve enjoyed this series from the start ‘cos the interplay and contrast between Ben and Diane is so interesting. She’s from the big city – he’s from the small town. She’s from foster homes – he’s had a loving secure family. He’s very perceptive – she can be clueless about people’s emotions.

Our local library has a “request” service where you can ask them to find or buy a book if they don’t have it. So I was very happy that they purchased the paperback so I could read it (well, they didn’t do it specifically for ME, but still….)

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  1. KAT says:

    I have never read this series before, but I love to read, and follow the characters.
    Is this a murder mystery type of read?
    Please drop me a comment on my blog to let me know, and I might just have to read this based on your recommendation.
    Thanks a bunch!!
    Take care,

    p.s. I've already written the title and author down so I have them. 🙂