US Open Series

US Open SeriesI wish there was more television coverage of the US Open Series, especially for tennis addicts. The men are playing in Montreal this week, the women are playing in Cincinnati, and I’d love to see it. We don’t have Tennis channel in our local cable tv lineup (drat).

So far I guess my only option would be to subscribe to TennisTV but that’s quite expensive. Plus, I’m not overly fond of watching sports on my computer since I can’t stretch out on the couch or crochet while I’m watching, so I don’t think I’d pay for that. If there’s a free live stream, though, I’d love to watch several of the matches (but not all).

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  1. hi there janet! i'm new here to your blog. found it from EC. would you mind if we exchange links. btw, i've read about that crochet thing. that sounds pretty interesting.

  2. Mara says:

    I cannot wait for the US Open to begin 🙂