17 Again

My daughter watched “17 Again” with me the other night. She’d already seen it once and she told me I’d enjoy it.

Actually, I wouldn’t be 17 again if you paid me. Those years were so gawky and awkward. I couldn’t wait to get through high school and go to college.

But the movie was funny and it had some very sweet moments, both with his “kids” and with his “wife”. I told my daughter she might also enjoy Drew Barrymore’s “Never Been Kissed” since she hasn’t seen that, so maybe we’ll watch it together if we’re bored this weekend.

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  1. fedhz says:

    wow! I want to watch that too. I love Never Been Kissed. Super! I bet your daughter will love it. I've watched that when I was 16 and from then, watched it about a hundred times from beginning to end.

    Can't wait to watch 17 again. Like you, my life was awkward… but that's how we're like, right? stupid and unexperienced. but that's what makes life exciting. hehehehe

  2. Stacie says:

    I really liked the movie Never Been Kissed. I haven't seen 17 Again but I really want too.