Organizing Coupons (Part 2)

I think I may have found the best solution for my coupons !! For awhile I had them ALL in 1 big binder but that was too heavy to lug around.

I wanted them alphabetized, but I wanted to be able to flip through them by page. And I wanted coupon holders that would fit comfortably in the seat area of the shopping cart. So using the idea of small photo albums (50 page albums for $1 each from our local craft store) from How I Save Money, I’m using 3 and have them alphabetized as A-H, I-P, and Q-Z. They all 3 fit in the seat area of the shopping cart and are VERY easy to browse and flip while shopping.

(The basket simulates a shopping cart but it’s actually smaller, so the coupons fit better in a REAL shopping cart).

All 3 albums fit into a small tote bag for carrying in and out of the store so I don’t feel like I’m dragging a file cabinet with me.

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  1. Femmepower says:

    That's a great idea. It's amazing you have accumulated a lot of coupons.