Adgitize your web site.I keep finding the coolest sites while surfing EntreCard. I’ve seen blog posts about Adgitize, so I decided to check it out and of course, I joined.

I put my Adgitize button in the sidebar under my EntreCard button to make it easier for bloggers who use both systems, since they do complement each other.

Adgitize works on a point system where you earn points for visiting the advertisers’ site (clicking on the ad shown in the Adgitize box), for updating your blog(s), for other people visiting your blog(s), and more. Then the points are converted to earnings.

I’ll keep you updated on how it goes, but after the first week, I’m pretty impressed.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Please keep us posted. I’m always looking for ways to drive traffic. I extend my friendship to you and invite you to join me at
    Wishing you happiness, Katherine

  2. I checked out adgitize too but the problem for me was their 125*125 buttons ONLY.I was looking for custom sizes so I can use it on my blog but there weren’t any so I had to opt out.Interesting thing none the less.Also,it doesn’t give the preference of choosing which ads should be displayed and which shouldn’t.I would like that feature in the future.