Rag Rug (Decision Point 2)

I wasn’t totally pleased with the dimensions on my 2nd attempt on the rag rug. I wanted it to be more rectangular, but as it grew, it was becoming more square. (That’s a yardstick on the 1st picture to let you know how long/wide it was).

After consulting with my family (they got to vote on rectangular or oval shape), I decided to unravel the whole thing and start over. This time, I made my foundation chain over 2X as long (12 for the 1st rug, 30 for the 2nd).

Now that the basketball playoffs have started, I’ll crochet while watching Boston Celtics games.

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  1. sandy says:

    One certainly needs something to do when nothing but basketball is on. lol I really hate March Madness. I watch very little tv, but the few shows I do enjoy weren’t on during the llllllllllongggggggggg never ending March Madness. Not sure why TV assume’s everyone wants only to watch that.

    Love all the colors in your rug, sorry you had to frog it. Hope it’s coming along nicely now. What are you using for your rags? How did you make your strips?

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