Big Book of Holiday Crochet

I bought this book yesterday at Crafts 2000. As a Plus member, I received a coupon for $10.99 off any book, so I’ve been considering this one for awhile. After the coupon, it cost me $4.53, so I was happy.

I’ve been interested in this book ‘cos of the patterns for different shapes, not necessarily ‘cos I want to make a Halloween witch. I’m still a beginner, but I like seeing how the stitches combine to form the 3D shapes. And I like combining patterns to make the shape I like. That’s how I learn (and I’m not shy about unraveling everything and starting over !!)

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  1. Unknown says:

    stopping by from EC to drop and say Hi…
    I so wish i was crafty and artistic…what a GREAT buy on that book!