Customer Service (NCP)

The name has changed to National Consumer Panel, but the function is still the same. I redeemed points this week to get a new 10 piece Tfal cookware set for my husband (he’s the cook in the family).

When I ordered it, the shipment blurb said expect shipment in 6 – 8 weeks, which I thought was reasonable. So imagine my surprise when it arrived within 2 DAYS !! Just in time for my husband’s birthday, so it was especially nice timing.

This was my first time redeeming a prize from NCP (formerly HomeScan), so I’m thrilled.

That is my referral link above, but we don’t get any incentive for referring people to NCP

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  1. cool! It's going to be awhile yet for me to get up to enough points to get something I really want. My last redemption was for a griddle, but when I look it up on amazon it sells for $49.