Mr. Mom

My kids watched the 80’s film “Mr. Mom” last night and I think everyone enjoyed it. I told them that’s how their “woobies” got their name. When they were born, each was given a “woobie” and “little woobie” made by their aunt. My son carried his little woobie with him everywhere when he was a toddler.

Now both kids have their woobies safely retired in their tote bins where I store all their childhood treasures, some homework papers, artwork, honor roll certificates, yearbooks, etc. Actually each child has about 4 bins by now. When they’re 40, they’ll thank me (isn’t that what all moms say ?)

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  1. That’s so funny, Janet! I did the same thing with my son’s blanket. It was also called a woobie because of the movie, Mr. Mom. : )