Last April I joined the Homescan Consumer Panel and I’ll be celebrating my 1 year anniversary soon. This is an AC Nielsen company where you’re issued a bar code scanner and you manually scan all the purchases that you make.

You get points for submitting scans weekly and for answering surveys, then you can redeem the points for prizes. Plus there are prize giveaways and I’m planning how I’m going to spend the $20,000 that I will win this year (this the power of positive thinking, right ?) !!

My daughter likes to help me scan but my husband tolerates it. From what I hear, that’s pretty typical. I think it’s fun, but I like gadgets.

I’m not in any way affiliated with Homescan or AC Nielsen

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  1. Mom says:

    I got that gadget in the mail a couple of years ago. I took one look at it and mailed it back. I just didn’t have the time or concentration to figure it out.

    **SIGH** I wish I had, though, because I hear you can get some cool stuff from them.