No Sew Tee Shirt Quilt

This is another project that I want to start, making a no sew tee shirt quilt. Over the years, I’ve collected a bunch of souvenir tee shirts. I thought it would be fun to make a quilt from them.

I bought these shirts in the picture for 50 cents each at Crafts 2000 to try a mock up first. I’m going to cut 15″ x 15″ squares from each and attach them using Stitch Witchery fusible webbing tape.

I’ll take pictures as I go along so I can report on my progress. Plus I’ll let you know what does and doesn’t work and what adjustments I have to make.

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No Responses

  1. Janet says:

    No, I wish I could say that I'd made progress. But I was focusing on my rag rugs(I did finish one of them, so at least I don't have all unfinished projects laying around). I still look at the basket with the shirts in it and feel a little guilty that I haven't started it. But so many crafts, so little time.

  2. Did you ever complete this project? I'd love to see how you did it! My kids have a TON of t-shirts I would love to save somehow – just not in their drawers!!