Artfire ?

I’m debating opening a free studio on Artfire, but I have no idea what to name my shop. From my “projects”, I’ve created alot of decorative items that are just sitting around my house. I have dozens of beaded ribbon bookmarks from when I started beading again last year. So if I add other crocheted items such as baskets and jewelry, I’m kinda drawing a blank on a fun name.

If you have any ideas for names just pop into your head while you’re reading this, please let me know !! The Artfire free account lets you list 12 items which should be plenty for me.

I’m going to use many of my handmade pieces for prizes at our tennis team’s upcoming Basket Bingo, so I’ll see what feedback I get. That’s always an outlet, too – just donating them for fundraising events.

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  1. I had so much trouble coming up with a name for my "shops" and retail work….truly, struggled with it for months before I finally chose, for me, an obvious name…and stuck with it! Good luck to you!