Bandwidth Hog

My latest research project has been why one of us would get disconnected from the internet occasionally. It was worse when my son tried to use the WiFi on his iTouch.

So we tried an experiment: all of us on our computers, with my son starting his iTouch. We were all surfing joyfully along UNTIL I opened 10 sites (for EntreCard visits and drops). Then BLAM, my son gets disconnected.

So now they’re calling me a “Bandwidth Hog” and we’ve determined that it’s probably a bandwidth problem. And since I’m the most prolific surfer, it’s more than likely my fault and I have to curtail my surfing during hours when we’re all on the computer together. Oh well…..

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  1. Seth M. Ward says:

    Have you checked with your IP to see if they offer higher bandwidth? Just a thought:D