Speedy Fox

While surfing EntreCard (which now has a referral program – YAY) and Adgitize (which has always had a referral program- YAY), I found references to SpeedyFox at these helpful blogs: Coming Back to Life and

It really, really works and I’m thrilled !! Firefox loads so quickly now, and the browsing history is much, much faster.

Now if I could find a way to speed up Outlook Express, I’d be bubbling with joy…..

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No Responses

  1. KAT says:

    I downloaded it and I can't get it to work??

  2. lilyruth says:

    iM MEW TO ADGTIZE TO. AND I HOPE YOU WILL VISIT http://lilyruthsthisandthat.blogspt.com and click on my ads. I droped eCARD ON YOU. Your blog is great. tHANKS FOR DROPpING AN aEcard on me.

  3. kamz says:

    i will try this one out soon too! i still have to observe my pc though because it recently went bonkers. hehe!