US Open

Well, the US Open is officially over for another year. And now I have to wait until winter for the Australian Open. I was sad to see Roger Federer lose, although Juan Martin del Potro is an extremely talented player and appears to be a genuinely nice young man.

While I enjoy watching history-in-the-making and record-breaking performances, my husband took the opposite stance. He thought that since Roger has already broken the record for most Major titles, that it’s time for someone else to win occasionally.

Ok, if we have to compromise next year, then Roger can win 2 of the Majors and leave the other 2 for someone else, as long as he gets to the finals in all 4 (exactly like this year). I think I can live with that.

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No Responses

  1. 3rd set and at the back of my mind I knew he's gonna lose. Sigh. I guess as long as he's WORLD number 1, I'm happy. 🙂